Chris Gladstone Speculative Fiction Author


Welcome to the world of speculative fiction, a world of fantasy, science fiction, horror and all things in between. I challenge you to suspend your disbelief for a short while, and let your imagination join with mine in an adventure into the future or realms unknown. I hope you find my stories entertaining, intriguing, sometimes confronting and, thought-provoking.

My Writing Journey

I began writing in 2011 and in 2012 had my first flash fiction story, What If, published in the Australian online magazine, AntipodeanSF . What began as a hobby has become a passion so I have continued to write. After a number of years of writing short stories and flash fiction (stories of 500 to 1000 words) some form of madness gripped me and I decided to write a science-fiction novel. Six years on, “Upload” has finally become a completed reality.

My Background

I’m in the baby boomer generation and was born and bred in Perth, Western Australia. My dad was responsible for encouraging my interest in nature, science and later, science-fiction. I think science runs in my genes.

I find the current discoveries in astrophysics, and astronomy, along with our ventures into space, incredibly exciting. I can’t wait for humans to get to Mars or to discover extraterrestrial life.

I earned a science degree from the University of Western Australia with a major in botany. After graduating I worked on revising part of a botanical publication called “How to Know West Australian Wildflowers”. This involved figuring out where new species fitted in the key for identifying Western Australia’s unique and extensive flora. It also involved doing detailed illustrations for each new species.

My interest has swung back to my real love––nature and all things science. Being retired I have more time to write. Due to an old injury, which left me with neck and arm problems, I write using speech recognition software. In fact, if it wasn’t for speech recognition, I wouldn’t be able to write. For me, writing is an escape, a challenge, a constant learning experience and exercise for my brain cells.

My Publications

Upload cover-sulphur-point

Follow AI researchers and soulmates, Luke and Kiera through an intriguing journey.

Luke and Kiera first meet on earth in 2055, when they are employed by AI guru, Logan Williamson at his company Sentioid Inc. When their developing relationship is threatened, Kiera retaliates by investigating the company with the help of an old friend, Jack. What they discover will alter all of their lives forever.

In part two, in 2221, aboard the starship Serenity, Luke and Jack awaken to an emergency in the ship’s cryo-hibernation system. They are propelled by an intriguing message through an inner adventure of complex interactions to a sensational and surprising  conclusion.

This is an inspiring tale of courage and belief, and what defines us as human — love, family and friendship.

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Short Stories and Flash fiction

The following stories are available to read online from the archives of AntipodeanSF . The magazine can also be downloaded to your e-reader,  via the AntipodeanSF website or listen to the stories via the podcast of The AntiSF Radio Show  This weekly program features all of the stories, many read by the authors, including myself, in the month following the magazine’s publication. Find it on the website or on I-tunes.

What If, Issue 163, Jan 2012

What If 2, Issue 168, Jun 2012

What If 3, Issue 176, Feb 2013

Perceptions 1: The Shopping Expedition, Issue 186, Dec 2013

50 Worder-Ghost, Issue 189, Mar 2014

Perceptions 2: The Gift, Issue 192, Jun 2014

Perceptions 3: Reunion, Issue 198, Dec 2014

Devils, Issue 200, Feb/Mar 2015

SKA, Issue 206, Sept 2015

A.k.a: The Further Adventures of Schrödinger’s Cat, Issue218, Sept 2016

Forager, Issue 234, Jan 2018

The Fire, Issue 245, Dec 2018

Serratoria, Issue 250, May-July 2019—published in Issue 250 of AntipodeanSF, edited by Ion Newcombe and available in print from Lulu

The Interview, Issue 266, Nov 2020

Covid Anzac, Issue 267, Dec 2020

The Eternity Library, Issue 289, Oct 2022